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Good practice

August 15, 2008

For the first time, we gave Lola a bath at home. As a result we learned that Lola does not like baths. We had to do it though. Her fur was very long and she was having some issues…with pooing. Long fur plus poo issues equals a dog with a stinky butt. After her bath, I proceeded to clip the fur around her hiney to remove the offending remnants of poo.

Amidst all of this, I kept hearing the phrase “Oh! A puppy! That is good practice for having a baby!” and I was silently cursing every person that has uttered that phrase to me since Lola joined our family.

First off, who said anything about having a baby (apparently everyone can hear my biological clock ticking except for me). Second, puppies and babies are so not even close to the same thing.

Let me elaborate…

  1. Babies wear diapers. Moreover, babies are immobile for a fair portion of the first year of their lives. Puppies do not wear diapers. Puppies are mobile. When a puppy needs to relieve itself, it does so, wherever it pleases.
  2. Puppies have teeth – sharp ones. And, they assume that everything within their reach was put there for their chewing enjoyment. This includes human flesh.
  3. Puppies can jump. While you are laying on the couch, enjoying the Food Network and feeling quite pleased with yourself that you have found a non-human chew toy that seems to be occupying your puppy, you are suddenly attacked by a flying ball of fur. Amazingly, the ball of fur always…always…manages to land directly on your face. As a result, you now huddle in fear when anything with your peripheral vision makes a sudden movement.

But, there are similarities…

  1. Both babies have puppies have the cutest, roundest tummies that just beg to be rubbed and tickled.
  2. Both know how to love unconditionally.
  3. Both amaze you as they learn new things about their world.
  4. Both necessitate setting up multiple baby gates resulting in bruised shins and knees (we have three).

Finally, if Lola were to become too much for us, we could find her a new home and no one would judge us for it. Well, some might, but at least we wouldn’t be thrown in jail. Luckily, we love our little flesh-chewing, face-landing, bath-hating little ball of fur.

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