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September 3, 2008

These are two different shots of the same line of mailboxes. In the first, I tried to focus on sharpness. I think this is something I struggle with in portraits, so I thought I would start with an inanimate object first. For the second, I wanted to try and get some sun flare.

In other news, I finally got Lola to go on a walk with me! We walked for blocks and blocks. Until this point, she has made it to the end of our block and just sat down and stared into space. Tonight, she pranced all around the neighborhood like she owned the place. I am a very proud momma.

This past weekend we painted our kitchen cabinets – most of them anyway. Mike is still fighting with some of the hinges. Actually, the hinges aren’t so much the problem as the 30+ years of grease and shellac that has settled peacefully into the hinges. We’ve tried multiple screwdrivers and drill bits, WD-40 and several explicit words all to no avail. These final hinges are stubborn. We will win. We will not be beaten by inanimate objects.

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