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September 11, 2008

Over Labor Day weekend, Mike and I dog sat for two of our really good friends, Heidi and Brent (parents of Emma). It sounded simple enough. Stella is a very well-mannered, well-trained dog. She doesn’t have accidents in the house, doesn’t attempt to bite your face off and goes into her kennel with little to no urging. We were even hopeful that she would teach Lola a thing or two.

Lola decided that Stella must be a new toy and tortured Stella relentlessly. Wherever Stella went, Lola was almost literally up her butt. Even when Stella was taking care of her business, Lola had to be right there. Stella would look at us with what can only be described as utter and complete disdain. How dare we allow this vile little creature near her?

Sunday morning arrives and I head downstairs to let both dogs outside for their morning constitution. As I walk into the kitchen, I smell the rankest poo smell of all time. Poor Stella, whether out of stress or revenge, had thrown up and had multiple bouts of diarrhea in her kennel. So, Mike and I clean up the mess and Stella and she seems fine for the rest of the day.

I wake up Monday morning, head downstairs and am once again greeted by the same awful odor. This time, Stella was kind enough not to vomit, but instead she threw some blood into her diarrhea for good measure. I let her outside and she attempts to poo again and trots back up to me with her whole hiney covered in blood. Poor, poor Stella.

I take her to the emergency vet and they keep her overnight and run several hundred dollars worth of tests on her.

What was wrong? She was stressed. Lola had literally tortured Stella into such a state that the only way for her to express her outrage was to attempt to crap her entire digestional tract out of her butt.

This brings me to Wilson. Wilson is a two-month old basset hound puppy that we adopted for my uncle. We aren’t taking him to my uncle’s house until Saturday, so Wilson is staying at casa de Knecht.

Wilson is the same size as Lola and just as insanely rambunctious. They are at each other non-stop.

Dear Lola – you are learning a very valuable lesson that you should carry with you for years to come. We humans are very familiar with this little thing call payback. And guess what, Lola. Payback is a bitch. And at the moment, its name is Wilson.

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  1. Tim and Merri permalink
    September 12, 2008 5:05 pm

    Wilson is so cute. I’ll be curious to see how Lola is after he’s gone.. I’m sure thankful! 🙂 Feel better soon!!

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