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A night in the life…

December 4, 2008

What happens when it is early December and you have one bored, aspiring photographer with a husband that works retail? Random pictures. Lots of random pictures.

First, Lola had to show off her sassy new haircut. Now, she is actually able to see the bacony goodness with which I am bribing her. She just oozes focus.

Or, maybe she is just annoyed. Regardless, she is painfully cute.

As I opened a fresh twelve-pack of Diet Pepsi (aka, the nectar of the gods), I was surprised by the new design. Really, they should warn a girl. For a split second, I feared that someone had put the wrong soda in the Diet Pepsi box. Those of you that know me, know this would have been a problem. Diet Pepsi is quite possibly my favorite…thing…ever. Now that I’ve recovered from the initial shock, I’m giving Pepsico, Inc. two thumbs up on the rather festive design.

Finally, we put up our Christmas tree this weekend. Any of you that are also married to Star Wars fans can probably relate to this next pic. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a slave Leia ornament.

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