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CWS 2009

July 7, 2009

The 2009 College World Series has come and gone. Sigh. The husband and I made it to two games this year. Mother Nature decided to smile upon Omaha during that week and bless us with mild temperatures. Usually, it is hot. Really hot. Sweat streaming out of every pore on your body hot. Want to pour a five gallon bucket of ice down your pants hot. Her good graces only lasted until the championship games though. We opted to watch those games from the air-conditioned comfort of our family room.

The next time I’m at a loss for what to write, remind me to tell you the story of how I kinda sorta ran over the husband’s leg while attempting to parallel park. Really, I just pinned his leg between to cars. The wheels never went over any part of his body. This is an important distinction.

The night before the first game, we headed downtown for a barbecue with some good friends.

Carly decided that Cheetos were much better than any of the other food being offered.
Mallory (Carly’s big sister) had a lot of fun. She starts kindergarten in the fall. Go Mallory!
Here are some random shots from around Rosenblatt (the stadium). Next year will be the last year that the CWS is at Rosenblatt. They are building a new stadium.
We always, ALWAYS park at St. Rose Catholic Church. They treat us well and I feel much better about giving $10 to a church than to some random schmo who pimps out his/her yard for extra beer money during the CWS. Maybe the church uses the money for beer, too. I like to think it is used for a greater purpose – like maybe buying fancy beer. Oooh…or Diet Pepsi (aka, the nectar of the gods).
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