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Testicle Festival

August 25, 2009

You read it right – the title of this post is “Testicle Festival.” Lest you forget that I am a small-town Nebraska girl, I thought you’d appreciate some photographic documentation of the blessed event known as the Testicle Festival.

At some point this summer (the exact date is escaping me), the husband, my mom and I journeyed to Round the Bend Steakhouse in South Bend, Nebraska to partake in some testicles (aka bull fries or mountain oysters). This wasn’t my first time sampling this cuisine. Back in high school, we fried up some testicles in biology class. I told you I was from a small town. I didn’t particularly care for them – they were a bit chewy. The texture of my food is very important to me.

The testicles at the Testicle Festival were pretty good. They were thinly sliced and fried, adding further support to my theory that anything deep-fat fried is automatically pretty tasty.

Now for the photos. This first one may not seem very special to the unknowing reader. It looks like a typical photo of my mom and the husband under the Testicle Festival sign. Really, this picture is iconic. My mom rarely – I mean rarely – appears in photos. If she is in them, she is usually holding something up in front of her face or hiding behind the nearest tree, pole, small child, etc. Not only is she in this photo in full view, but she actually wanted me to take the picture. Miracle of miracles!

In addition to the testicles, there was some extremely tasty funnel cake. I love me some funnel cake.
And now, the photo you’ve all been waiting for…the testicles. See, they don’t look so scary. The husband says they are especially tasty with hot sauce. I’ll let you all think up the jokes for that one. Keep it clean – this is a family blog.
The husband and I both got koozies to commemorate the occasion. Mine is pink – of course.
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